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  • KWS iru titun Petele centrifugal fifa

KWS iru titun Petele centrifugal fifa

KWS sery single-stage single-suction Horizontal centrifugal pump is our company's latest new pipeline centrifugal pump series products. It is with standerd vertical enginee and mechanical sealing, and owns the advantages of in-kind pumps at home and abroad. This pump uses the hydraulic model of KWL sery products, pluging the enginee directly in the pumps shaft in the hole, and it has the advantages of modern and unique structure, compact and low noise, more efficiency and saving energy, sturdy and durable, easily maintainance.

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KWS iru titun Petele centrifugal fifa
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●KWS horizontal centrifugal pump is widely used in cycle of cold, high building water supply, fire line pressurization,long-distance water, industrial production process circulation pressurization, garden sprinkler irrigation and irrigation;Conveying water or other liquid which has the similar chemical and physical properties with water.
●KWS horizontal chemical pump is used to convey chemical corrosion liquid (not containing solid particles, or with little small particles) in the fields of chemical industry, food, brewing, oil refining, pharmacy, paper making, metallurgy, electric power, water treatment and environmental protection, textile and others. The viscosity of these liquids is similar with water.
●KWS horizontal oil pumps is used to convey oil liquid.


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