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  • IMD Magnetic Centrifugal Pump

IMD Magnetic Centrifugal Pump

IMD magnetic pump is a horizontal, sealless centrifugal pump with permanent magnetic coupling, compliant with ASME B73.3-2003, sealless pump standard for volatile chemical, inflammable, aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids.

Flow rate: 1~160 m3/h; 4.4-704GPM
Total delivery head: 17~62m; 17-203feet
Temperature range: -20 °C to 100 °C (-4°F to 212 °F)

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IMD Magnetic Centrifugal Pump
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Corrosive, pure and contaminated media in chemical industries,

Pharmaceutic and petrochemical industries,

In metal processing, waste water treatment etc.  

When Stainless steel is not sufficiently resistant

An alternative for expensive haste alloy, titanium alloy pumps

When anti-adhesive surfaces are important.

Lichid de pompare

- Lichide puternic corozive

- Lichide agresive, explozive și toxice

- Substanțe chimice volatile

- Lichide inflamabile

- Lichide greu de sigilat


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