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  • A successful on-site inspection with Mozyr Oil refinery


    At the beginning of July, Our company's general manager Meagan and Sales manager Frieda lead our customers from Mozyr Oil refinery went to Dalian Leo for an on-site inspection and visit.

  • How to select fluoroplastic magnetic pump


    Fluoroplastic magnetic pump is currently a new type of corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic pump, which has been widely used in many fields because of non-leakage .

  • What should be paid attention to during the maintenance of fluoroplastic centrifugal pump?


    The maintenance of the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump can make the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump operate under good equipment conditions, and can give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, and maintain the needs of normal production.

  • Four Steps to Optimizing Your Pumping System


    Optimizing your pumping system can be the way to go when it's time to replace a pump or to cut costs drastically.There are four steps you can take to optimize your pumping system.

  • Characteristics and selection requirements of typical chemical pumps


    Characteristics and selection requirements of typical chemical pumps

  • Precautions for the use of screw pumps and analysis of common faults


    Screw pumps are divided into single screw pumps, double, three and five screw pumps according to the number of screws. The prominent advantage of the screw pump is that it does not form eddy current when conveying the medium, is not sensitive to the viscosity of the medium, and can convey high-viscosity medium.

  • What kind of pump is generally used in chemical plants?


    Magnetic drive centrifugal pump (referred to as chemical magnetic pump) is a fully sealed, leak-free and pollution-free industrial pump that completely solves the shaft seal leakage of mechanical transmission pumps.

  • Application of slurry pump in mine


    Slurry pumps are generally used in the washing process of coal and metal ore to transport slurry containing particulate matter, such as coal slurry, ore slurry, etc. Slurry pumps play a pivotal role in the mine washing process.

  • Top 10 Misuses That Damage Centrifugal Pumps


    Centrifugal pumps play an important role in water supply systems as water delivery and pressurization devices. Water pumps often have some failures during use, and most of the failures are caused by improper use. We summarize the error summary during use.



    The API610 standard is currently internationally recognized as the most authoritative technical specification for the design and acceptance of pumps used in refineries. It is also widely used in China. Most petrochemical pumps in China are also designed and manufactured with reference to this standard.

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