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Sustainable flow solution partner for EPC company and end user We help customers all the world to solve the biggest challenges of fluid solution. To be a trusted partner that continuously innovates to help them meet the next big challenge. Full of fluid engineering experience in China market, robust supply chain ability and quick after sales services enables us to collaborate across our businesses to develop more complete solutions for customers based on our deep industry experience. We leverage our products, engineer team to help our customers to achieve key sustainability and operational goals.


  • टेलिफोन: + 86 21 68415960
  • फ्याक्स: + 86 21 68415960
  • इमेल: [ईमेल सुरक्षित]
  • स्काइप: जानकारी_551039
  • WhatsApp: + 86 15921321349
  • मुख्यालय: ई/बिल्डिंग नम्बर 08 पुजियांग इन्टेलिजेन सीई भ्याली, नम्बर 1188 लियानहाङ रोड मिन्हाङ जिल्ला शाङ्घाई 201 112 PRChina।
  • कारखाना: Maolin, Jinocuan काउन्टी, Xuancheng शहर, Anhui, प्रान्त, चीन

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