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  • CYZ Центрифугална пумпа за масло за самовшмукување

CYZ Центрифугална пумпа за масло за самовшмукување

CYZ-A self-priming centrifugal oil pump is the latest kind of pump developed by us after studying relevant technical data both at home and abroad and also making improvement.

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CYZ Центрифугална пумпа за масло за самовшмукување
  • апликација
  • Карактеристика на дизајнот
  • Модел и параметар
  • Материјал на градежништво
  • Инсталација цртеж

lt is widely applied in oil houses, gas stations, oil tankers, tank ships. docks, tank trucks and airports for the transfer of gas coal oil diesel oil aviation fuel and so on.

If adopting the corrosion-proof mechanical seal and stainless steel material, it can also be applied for chemical industry pharmacy, brewage, electroplate, printing and dyeing. paper making electricity power mines.etc.

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