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  • ICP serijos cheminis išcentrinis siurblys

ICP serijos cheminis išcentrinis siurblys

ICP series chemical centrifugal pumps are newly developed by integrating the chemical pump structures of several domestic and foreign pump companies. It’s interchangeable with IH series pumps and CZ series chemical pumps from Switzerland Sulzer Company, and its operational reliability is better than IH and CZ series pumps.

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ICP serijos cheminis išcentrinis siurblys
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According to the different media conveyed by the users, the material of the overcurrent components of the pump consists of fluoroplastic, bismuth glass, various austenitic stainless steel, titanium metal, nickel metal, etc., 

so it can be widely used to transport low temperature, normal temperature or high temperature corrosive medium.

And allow a certain amount of solid particles, mainly used in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, metallurgy, light industry, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.



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