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Бурама насосторду колдонуу боюнча сактык чаралары жана жалпы кемчиликтерди талдоо

Убактысы: 2023-04-20

колдонуу боюнча сактык чараларыscrew pumps :

1. Before starting the machine, the direction must be determined first, and the reverse direction is not allowed:

2. It is strictly forbidden to run dry without medium, so as not to damage the stator;

3. If the pump is newly installed or has been shut down for several days, it cannot be started immediately, and an appropriate amount of oil should be injected into the pump body first Or soapy water, and then turn it with a pipe wrench for a few turns before starting;

4. After conveying high-viscosity or granule-containing and corrosive media, flush with water or solvent to prevent blockage and avoid difficulty in starting next time; 5
. In winter, liquid accumulation should be removed to prevent freezing and cracking;

6. Lubricating oil should be regularly added to the bearing seat during use, and if there is seepage at the shaft end, it should be dealt with or replace the oil seal in time:

7. If abnormal conditions are found during operation, stop the machine immediately Check the cause and troubleshoot.

Screw pump failure causes and troubleshooting methods:


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