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  • KDM (BB3) горизонталдык көп баскычтуу насостор

KDM (BB3) горизонталдык көп баскычтуу насостор

KDM series pumps are horizontal, multi-stage, axially split, double volute pumps, with symmetrically distributed impellers, and different materials, pressure levels and stages are selected according to different industries and mines. The first stage impeller can choose single suction impeller or double suction impeller.

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KDM (BB3) горизонталдык көп баскычтуу насостор
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  • Дизайн өзгөчөлүгү
  • Үлгү жана параметр
  • Курулуш материалдар
  • Орнотуу Чиймеси

It can be used to transport crude oil, petroleum products, seawater and other liquids that are pure or have a small amount of impurities.

Widely used in refinery, petrochemical, water injection, pipeline, power generation applications, etc.


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API центрифугалык насостору
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