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  • Oil-gas Nyampur Pump Twin screw pump

Oil-gas Nyampur Pump Twin screw pump

No stirring, pulse free
Gas-liquid conveying
The working surfaces of rotors are free from contact and short-time
  dry running can be realized
 It can be used for conveying of various non-lubricating media due to
  an outboard bearing
  Various structures including horizontal, vertical and heating jacket
  It can be used for conveying of various low viscosity or high viscosity
  media free from solid particles
  The accurate part materials can meet the requirements of conveying
  corrosive media

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Oil-gas Nyampur Pump Twin screw pump
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Conveying Medium

◆ Medium viscosity: 3-760 mm²/s (You can communicate with
our technicians and will be provided with customized service
if it is beyond the scope)
◆ Medium temperature: at most 250℃
◆ The pump applied to the media containing solidified matters
should be specified

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