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TRÌ NOTAICHEAN A bu chòir dhut fios a bhith agad mu dheidhinn API PUMP

Uair: 2023-02-20

1. Pump Manufacturer
  The API610 standard is currently internationally recognized as the most authoritative technical specification for the design and acceptance of pumps used in refineriesIt is also widely used in China. Most petrochemical pumps in China are also designed and manufactured with reference to this standard.
    The domestic API pump manufacturers in China have many series of imported technology products with per-fect performance, so when participating in the project, it is only necessary to directly select the type according to the requirements without re-designing, but sometimes it is necessary to make some local improvements to meet the needs.

2. Pump Manufacturer
    As a pump manufacturer, it is necessary to seek facts in the design and publicity of products, and there is no need to pursue the latest version of the so-called API610 too much.
    Do not always claim that your products are fully compliant with the API610 standard, so as not to cause trouble for yourself during technical communication or acceptance. In fact, it is duilich for any pump manufacturer to make a so-called 100% API610 pump.
3. Pump Selection
    Pump selection may seem simple, but it is not. It is not an easy task to make a good selection.
    It often needs to be based on a lot of practical experience, involving pumps, sealing and auxiliary systems, speed control systems, lubrication systems, cooling systems, materials, motors, couplings, electrical appliances , instrumentation, technological process and many other aspects of knowledge, sometimes it is necessary for the design unit, the pump manufacturer and the end customer to discuss, communicate and negotiate together to determine the final selection plan of the pump.



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