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Screw pump instructions

Uair: 2023-02-27

1. It is strictly forbidden to run the screw pump dry when there is no liquid in the pump chamber. The liquid must be injected into the pump body from the pump inlet before starting the screw pump, so as to avoid idling and wear the screw pump stator;

2. Before starting the screw pump, the running direction of the screw pump must be determined first, and the screw pump cannot be reversed;

3. The newly installed screw pump or the screw pump that has been shut down for several days for a long time cannot be started immediately, and an appropriate amount of lubricant or screw pump should be injected into the pump body.The liquid delivered by the rod pump can only be started after turning the screw pump for a few turns with a pipe wrench;

4. After the stainless steel screw pump transports high-viscosity liquid or corrosive medium, the screw should be rinsed with water or bath agentPump cavity, prevent clogging so as not to cause difficulty in starting the screw pump next time and damage the stator;

5. The temperature of the screw pump is low in winter. When not in use, the volume fluid of the pump should be drained to prevent the pump body from freezing or freezing inside the pump to prevent the pump from falling down.The stator is broken when starting for the first time;

6. Lubricating oil should be regularly added to the bearing box during use. If there is seepage at the shaft end, the oil seal should be removed or replaced in time;

7. If any abnormal situation occurs during operation, stop the pump immediately to check the cause and eliminate the fault.


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