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Hoe kinne jo in sumppomp goed útfiere?

Time: 2023-01-10

The ssump pump is suitable for long-term transportation of various corrosive media such as strong acids, alkalis, salts, and strong oxidants of any concentration. In the actual use process, you may encounter a series of problems. Today, We will introduce the precautions for the use of submerged pumps.

1. Saken dy't oandacht nedich binne
1) The outlet pipeline of the pump should be supported by another bracket, and its weight is strictly prohibited to be supported on the pump.
2) After the pump is assembled, rotate the coupling to see if it rotates flexibly. Check whether there is (metal) rubbing sound, and whether the nuts of each part are tightened.
3) Check the concentricity of the pump shaft and the motor shaft. The difference between the outer circles of the two couplings must not exceed 0.3mm.
4)The distance between the suction port of the pump and the bottom of the container is 2 to 3 times the suction diameter, and the distance between the pump body and the wall is greater than 2.5 times the diameter.
5) Check the rotation direction of the motor so that the rotation direction of the pump conforms to the indicated direction.
6) Refer to the relevant instructions in "Precautions for Using Fluoroplastic Alloy Centrifugal Pumps" for starting, running and stopping the pump.

2. Disassembly and assembly:
1) If the impeller is changed or checked, the outlet valve can be closed, the flange connection bolts and bottom plate connection bolts are removed, and the pump is lifted out of the container with a lifting tool.
2) Remove all the bolts of the pump body, take out the pump cover and the impeller nut, lightly tap the pump body with a double hammer, and then the impeller can be removed.
3) If the rolling bearing or packing is replaced, the bottom plate will not move, remove the motor and corresponding bracket, remove the pump coupling, gland, round nut, and take out the bearing body.
To replace the packing, first remove the packing gland, then remove the packing to be replaced.
4)The order of assembly and disassembly is opposite, and attention must be paid to the concentricity of the accessories on the shaft.

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