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- Global solution, local service

En todo el mundo, siempre hay un distribuidor SBMC cerca para satisfacer las necesidades de su empresa. Los distribuidores de SBMC tienen especialistas archivados capacitados en fábrica que provide one-to-one services to our customers and help them get the best solution for maximizing the equipment efficiency and plant maintenance needs.

- Well Engineering Service

20 R&D engineers and a strong application engineer team in our factory to support the clients’ product selection and technical consultant.

360-degree view of the flow management system, from consulting during design to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of equipment over time. Our focus on the system starts with a commitment to build the industry’s best engineering and technology organization.


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  • Fábrica: Maolin, Condado de Jinocoan, Ciudad de Xuancheng, Anhui, Provincia, China