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ShuangBao Machinery Co.,Ltd is a leading company serves the oil refinery, petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, power plant, mining with qualified magnetic pump, self-priming pump, inline pump, slurry pump, centrifugal pump, chemical process pump, valves, pipe fittings.  The factory was established in 1985, it is one of the first manufacturer in China to introduce the corrosion-resistant "Fluor plastic" which patented by 'Shanghai Organic Chemistry Research Institute, and use it to fabricate pumps, valves, pipes and fittings. With the land area of 100,000 m2, especially for magnetic drive pump, self-priming pump, valve manufacturing and R&D.


  • Tel: +86 21 68415960
  • Fax:+86 571 82867703
  • Correo electrónico: [email protected]
  • Skype: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp: +86 15921321349
  • Sede: E/Building No. 08 Pujiang Intelligen CE Valley, No.1188 Lianhang Road Minhang District Shanghai 201 112 PRChina.
  • Fábrica: Maolin, Condado de Jinocoan, Ciudad de Xuancheng, Anhui, Provincia, China