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Factory Basic Information:
Established in 1985, 30 years chemical process pumps production experience.
Land area: 100,000 m², 2 factory division for chemical process pump production.
Self-supporting precision foundry, guarantee the pump casing quality.
20 Engineers R&D, we develop new products and update standard product performance every year.
Rheoli ansawdd:
Quality is our company culture, we do everything to guarantee the quality of our products; evey production process is strictly compliance with ISO9001 Quality Management System.


Research & Development: SBMC factory have a research and development team of 20 engineers, which gives it distinct advantages in terms of product and technology upgrading.
Raw Material Purchase:
30 years raw material purchasing experience
Fully integrated supply chain
High quality and affordable purchase raw material costly.
High supplier quality management
Well established based industry
Comprehensive industry information sharing

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