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Waaraan moet aandag gegee word tydens die instandhouding van fluoroplastiese sentrifugale pomp?

Tyd: 2023-05-24

Precautions during maintenance of fluoroplastic centrifugal pump

1. smeer

During the operation of the fluoroplastic centrifugal pump, the conveyed medium, water and other substances may escape into the oil tank and affect the normal operation of the pump. Lubricant quality and oil level should be checked frequently. To check the quality of lubricants, visual observation as well as periodic sampling and analysis can be used. The amount of lubricating oil can be seen from the oil level mark.

The oil of the new fluoroplastic centrifugal pump should be replaced after one week of operation, and the oil of the pump whose bearings are replaced during the overhaul should also be replaced. The oil must be changed because foreign matter enters the oil when new bearings and shafts are running. From now on, the oil should be changed every season.

2. Vibrasie

In operation, vibrations often occur due to poor quality of spare parts and maintenance, improper operation or the influence of pipeline vibration. If the vibration exceeds the allowable value, please stop maintenance to avoid damage to the machine.

3. Bearing temperature rise

During operation, if the bearing temperature rises rapidly and the bearing temperature is too high after stabilization, it indicates that there is a problem with the manufacturing or installation quality of the bearing, or the quality, quantity or lubrication method of the bearing lubricant (grease) does not meet the requirements. Bearing oil may burn out if left untreated. The temperature allowable value of fluorine plastic centrifugal pump bearings: sliding bearings <65 degrees, rolling bearings <70 degrees. The allowable value refers to the allowable range of bearing temperature over a period of time. At the beginning of operation, the bearing temperature of the newly replaced bearing will rise, and after a period of operation, the temperature will drop slightly and stabilize at a certain value.

4. Running performance

During operation, if the source of the liquid does not change, the opening of the valves on the inlet and outlet pipes does not change, but the flow or inlet and outlet pressures have changed, indicating that the fluoroplastic centrifuge is faulty. The cause must be found out quickly and eliminated in time, otherwise it will cause adverse consequences.

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