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Litium kragsentrale - Toepassing van pneumatiese diafragmapomp

Tyd: 2023-03-13

The production chain of lithium batteries involves multiple processes, covering a series of complex processes of mixing, dissolving and dispersing among many solid and liquid materials. During the process of transshipment and storage of these materials, the stability of transportation is very important, so it is particularly important to choose a suitable delivery pump.

In the manufacturing process of lithium battery raw materials, the slurry to be transported includes both abrasive solid particles and highly viscous, highly corrosive liquids. This poses a huge challenge to the design and material of the transfer pump.


The characteristics of the QBY3 series pneumatic pump itself perfectly meet these process requirements:

✔Passable particle diameter: 1.5mm~9.4mm

Transportable liquid viscosity: below 10,000 poise

Easy to move and adapt to complex working conditions

Low material shear, reliable conveying performance

Simple operation and convenient maintenance

Adjustable air pressure to meet different flow requirements


Application of QBY3 series pumps in lithium battery industry:

QBY3 series pneumatic pumps are not only suitable for conveying highly corrosive chemicals and abrasive slurries, etc., the light pump body and ingenious structure are also very easy to install and maintain, and they are easy to move and easily cope with working conditions. Especially suitable for the following production phases:

Grinding production of raw materials

Pulping and coating process of positive and negative electrode materials

Transportation of various raw materials and chemicals

Sewage treatment, medicine and waste liquid transportation, etc.

After years of application experience, QBY3 series pumps are not only suitable for the production of lithium battery raw materials, but also for the slurry transportation in the pulping and coating process of positive and negative electrode materials, as well as in the transfer of various raw materials and chemicals and the dosing of sewage treatment. It also has excellent performance in waste liquid transportation.

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