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Hoe om fluoroplastiese magnetiese pomp te kies

Tyd: 2023-06-14

Fluoroplastic magnetic pump is currently a new type of corrosion-resistant fluoroplastic pump, which has been widely used in many fields because of  non-leakage .

The fluoroplastic magnetic pump not only has no leakage when conveying the medium, but also improves the working efficiency by 5% te 10% compared with the old model. The hydraulic structure designed according to the advanced fluid equipment reduces the energy consumption by 10% compared with the old model. Today let's talk about how to choose the correct type of fluoroplastic magnetic pump.

The basis for the selection of fluoroplastic magnetic pumps should be based on the process flow, water supply and drainage requirements, and should be considered from five aspects, namely liquid delivery volume, device lift, liquid properties, pipeline layout and operating conditions, etc.

1. The flow rate is one of the important performance data of pump selection, which is directly related to the production capacity and delivery capacity of the whole device. For example, in the process design of the design institute, the three flow rates of normal, small and large pumps can be calculated. When selecting a pump, the maximum flow is taken as the basis and the normal flow is taken into consideration. When there is no large flow, usually 1.1 times the normal flow can be taken as the maximum flow.

2. The lift required by the installation system is another important performance data for the selection of fluoroplastic pumps. Generally, the lift needs to be enlarged by 5%-10% to select the model.

3. Liquid properties, including the name of the liquid medium, physical properties, chemical properties and other properties. Physical properties include temperature c density d, viscosity u, solid particle diameter and gas content in the medium, etc., which relate to the head of the system, effective gas Calculation of corrosion residue and suitable pump type: Chemical properties mainly refer to the chemical corrosion and toxicity of the liquid medium, which is an important basis for selecting the pump material and the type of shaft seal.

4. The pipeline layout conditions of the device system refer to the liquid delivery height, the delivery distance, the delivery direction, some data such as low liquid level on the suction side, high liquid level on the discharge side, and pipeline specifications and their length, material, pipe fitting specifications, and quantity etc., in order to carry out the calculation of the comb head and the check of NPSH.

5. There are many operating conditions, such as liquid operation T saturated steam force P, suction side pressure PS (absolute), discharge side container pressure PZ, altitude, ambient temperature, whether the operation is intermittent or continuous, and the position of the magnetic pump is Fixed or removable.

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