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Toepassing van flodderpomp in myne

Tyd: 2023-04-06

Slurry pumps are generally used in the washing process of coal and metal ore to transport slurry containing particulate matter, such as coal slurry, ore slurry, etc. Slurry pumps play a pivotal role in the mine washing process.

Slurry pumps are used in tailings treatment

The tailings facilities of the concentrator generally include a tailings storage system, a tailings conveying system, a water return system and a tailings purification system.

The tailings storage system is the main body of the tailings facility, and the tailings pond and the tailings dam are its main structures.

For wet concentrators, the tailings are mostly discharged in the form of slurry, and pressure conveying is the main conveying method. Pressure conveying is mainly the way of forcedly conveying ore slurry by means of a slurry pump.

Application of Slurry Pump in Coal Preparation Plant

1. Most of the medium transported by pumps in coal preparation plants is coal slime water or coal slime water slurry containing magnetite powder. Therefore, the requirements of slurry pumps for coal preparation plants are as follows:

(1) It should be wear-resistant, durable and reliable in performance.

(2) The shaft seal is reliable and there must be no water leakage.

(3) The filter press has special requirements for the slurry pump: the filter press needs low head and large flow when it starts to work; it needs high head and small flow in the later stage of work, that is, the curve of flow and head should be as steep as possible

2. The pump volume of a coal preparation plant is closely related to the technology adopted and the scale of the coal preparation plant.The jigging process is adopted for the coal that is easy to be selected, and the amount of pumps used is 3 to 6, and the scale is 60~120mt/a.

3. Part of the steam coal adopts a separate dense medium process, which requires a large amount of pumps.

4. For the coal preparation plant used to refine coking coal, in order to increase the selection rate of raw coal, the technological process of heavy medium plus flotation is generally adopted.

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