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  • CQB40-40-125 Teflon Lined Magnetic Drive Pump

CQB40-40-125 Teflon Lined Magnetic Drive Pump

Leak-proof design, self priming function

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CQB40-40-125 Teflon Lined Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Application
  • Design Feature
  • Model and Parameter
  • Material of Construction
  • Installation Drawing


Corrosive, pure and contaminated media in the chemical,

Pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries,

In metal processing,

Waste water treatment etc.  

When Stainless steel is not sufficiently resistant

Alternatively to expensive Haste alloy, titanium alloy Pumps

When anti-corrosive surfaces are important.   

Pumping Liquid

Acid and caustic liquid

Oxidizer corrosive liquids

Difficult-to-seal liquids

Sulfuric acid

Hydroelectric acid

Nitric acid

Acid and lye

Nitro muriatic acid

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